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COVID-19 Travel

We've published a specific page with all the possibilities for getting your rowing kick even in this crazy pandemic: Here's a summary of the current state of affairs but check back here frequently: there are some new guidelines coming out in a few days!

This is an excellent website that updates constantly regarding the possibility of travel to Italy. Re-Open EU

If you can travel to Italy...

Our trips in TUSCANY and SICILY can be booked as "Row Like a Local" Trips: we will provide all booking help for lodging and logistics, as well as providing the necessary introduction and assurance of rowing ability to the local clubs.

We can provide a similar service in many other locations around Italy: Puglia, Naples, Venice, Rome, Como: email us with your request and we will get back to you quickly with an answer and price estimate.

By traveling in a independent way you can decide your group size and with whom you feel comfortable travelling.

If you can't yet travel to Italy...

We are planning on a fun, beautiful 2012: we are positive people with tremendous optimism!

Our Tuscany trips are bookable as well as the Cinque Terre, Sicily, China, and the Venice Vogalonga adventure (only 2 spots left).

​We feel Italy will find a way to safely welcome travelers from all countries, even in a Covid-19 world, with extra testing or more specific locations allowed such as US states with low contagion rates.

Trips booked in these crazy times will be refundable in the event of cancellation for pandemic-related reasons

If you can't leave your own country at all...

We ave several coaches who can help you get the coaching you need, especially for sweep rowers who are being forced to use only singles at their clubs. Have a friend take a video of you and send it to us and we will provide as much input as you can handle! We can also record drills for you to listen to in your boat with the thing you need to be working on.

​Another option for clubs that are totally shut down is to organize Zoom workouts for you and your teammates, using music videos and rowing-specific calisthenics, making sure your committment to each other remains strong and ready for when multiple boats will be allowed again at your club.

One of the most fun combinations of these services is to book a trip for you and your teammates for 2021 or even 2022, as time goes by we can train together virtually and enjoy dreaming about your upcoming trip!


If you are looking to improve your rowing skills and want to enjoy yourself in your own country, we have an extensive network of rowing clubs all over the world. We've organized rowing experiences and complete vacations in China, France, the UK and the USA, in Olympic boats and Coastal boats.

If you've got rowing cabin fever, we can help!


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