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Oh, the choices! New 2024 Trips & Dates

Now that the "Pizza Oven Effect" is over (thanks, CNN for your clickbait headlines!), we feel justified in counting down the days until Fall!

First up in September, we'll be back in the Cinque Terre - this trip is full but we've set our dates for 2024: . This destination has everything an expert logistics manager would need to keep her skills sharp - water logistics (oars), motorboat logistics, super exclusive protected natural areas, road logistics, plus walking and train logistics for reaching boats and hotels. When we emerge from the Cinque seems overly easy without those stairs and cliffs to deal with! It really gives you a new level of appreciation for the local Ligurians who carved out a living from this steep countryside, terrace by terrace, vine by vine.

After that, a Row like a Local Week in Tuscany! It's our much-loved formula for calm travel, with a mix of guided day trips and independent exploration, with rowing on the menu every day. Our prices haven't changed for this trip in ages but San Miniato is becoming a hotter and hotter "foodie" destination and hotel prices are expected to rise next year. Book now for the 2023 rates:

After Tuscany, we'll be back in Sicily for the first time since our canceled 2020 trip thanks to that pesky individual known as Covid who ruined so much of 2020 and beyond. This is one of our favorite destinations as we have so many rowing friends here - plus any excuse to eat this well has to be seized, right? Sicilian food, in our humble opinion, is the culmination of culinary delights, culling flavors and colors from every conquering nation that tried to rule this feisty island since prehistoric times. This will be the second week of October and there a few spots left.!!!-

After Sicily....the Tuscan coastline, some China, and then back to San Miniato for TRUFFLE SEASON! Thanks for reading - please check out our updated 2024 Dates for all this and more.

- Eliza & Enzo


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