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Vogalonga: 1 special spot for 2023! plus 2024 list

Hi rowers!

Just a quick update:

We have one spot special rowing spot available for our trip this year...we'd like you to bring a photographer!

Depending on the creds of the photographer you stuff into your carry-on, this spot could even be free! Getting great pix in Venice is always a challenge as the ferries stop running just before the race starts, so this year we'd like to bring our own who gets into position before the race starts.

This will be a three-day adventure, starting Friday in Venice and ending race day, Sunday the 28th of May.

We also have an opening for a cox - because if you think rowing the Vogalonga is on a rower's bucket list, trust us, it's an even more impressive feat for the coxswains!

As for 2024, we are now taking deposits and bookings for this trip (info here: To proceed or to confirm a spot we've already spoken about, please fill out our booking questionnaire here:

We've also inked in dates for our new CROATIA & PUGLIA trip, Sicily and finally China.

Happy 2023 from Enzo & Eliza

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