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Since 2018 our reviews are on Facebook and Google - please check there or read below for older reviews! We are also happy to provide references for our trips: our guests love to rave about how much fun they had!

Reviews from our Archive


April 2017

Row Sicily

Thank you for another great trip. It's always the perfect mix of rowing adventure, touring around, and relaxing with a group of friends over a spectacular meal and a bottle of wine!

Alex from Seattle

May 2016

The Vogalonga

Thank you so much for your kindness - and boundless energy! 


While the time change is still an adjustment I think the biggest challenge is to be able to explain to friends in a 'sound bite' how delightful a week in Tuscany under the auspices of can be.  It is more than rowing; more than Tuscany; more than Vogalonga.  I think it is about heart, and I was lying awake tonight thinking to myself how you and Enzo have two of the biggest I have known.

Mary from California

August 2015

Richelieu Tour

Thank you for another great adventure.You sure don't disappoint! I loved the challenge of rowing at times and the fun of going through the locks. I look forward to seeing you again for another great adventure!


August 2015

Richelieu River, Quebec

Hello Eliza & Enzo - the "R" on the front of this card would normally be for my name, but in this case the R would be better served as the "WILD, CRAZY, ROW down the RICHELIEU RIVER." You organized an amazing trip - my comrades and I didn't realize that this was the maiden voyage rowing along the Richelieu...and what a journey it was - there are so many descriptors: challenging, peaceful, daunting, bucolic, comical, urban, heartwarming, unpredictable, rewarding, green!...but one descriptor it was not:  boring :)


Would I do something like this again? You bet. In a heartbeat. Maybe I'll see you in Sicily. Thanks for everything!

James & Family from England

July 2013

Terralba Toscana

Enzo is a great coach, and Eliza a dynamite tour guide. and the food was fantastic. All and all, a wonderful week.

Update one year later: We think about our holiday in Italy a lot.  I've probably made cantuccini 10 times from the recipe that was shown to us in the kitchen.  We find it impossible to get vin santo here :-)  Our daughter continues to row and her rowing 8 won the national schools final last weekend.  So please tell Enzo that we have a small room for him if he still wants to coach her ;-)

Emily and Amy from Maine

May 2006


...But how incredible was Wednesday, when we travelled 30 minutes to Florence and got to use the facilities and boats of the Florence rowing club? Rowing along the Arno, cat-calls and curious gazes everywhere, enjoying a vantage point that few get to experience.
Afterward we sipped champagne on the club lawn (right below the Uffizi, by the way) and watched the 9-year-olds taking their first strokes on the learning barge.We lived and worked in Italy that week. We met wonderful adults and kids, were part of a warm and loving family, and created memories that will last forever. OK if we come back next year?
See you in Italy!

Jeanine from CA

August 2015

Richelieu (Quebec)

I love when life in an adventure and you surely added to allour lives. What an incredible trip!

 One that I will always treasure! Thank you for sharing your life and your love of rowing with us.

Ed & Fabiola

November 2007

London, England

Dear Eliza & Enzo, this week's a bit crazy for us as …. so we just wanted to send a quick message to say what a brilliant time we had last week. It was one of the best holidays we've had, for all kinds of reasons- great company, wonderful food, friendly animals and of course the sculling sessions which were hugely inspiring and productive. We had so much fun with Margery & Peter too, and being taken round Tuscany to some of your secret places was a great privilege and made us all feel like kids again! 

Now we just have to stay in training and build on all the good work we did last week! ....You're really offering a great experience to people, and for us it was an unforgettable trip.


June 2007


I had a great time in Italy! I've copied below a journal excerpt for you. Thanks for all the crazy adventures and all the inside tracks within the Italian rowing world... All the best, thanks again! Janet

"Day 1 in Italy officially complete.
I am staying with Eliza and Enzo in their B&B in San Miniato which is not too far from both Florence and Pisa. The views are amazing! We’re surrounded by acres and acres of olive groves and gorgeous hillsides all bathed in the beautiful Tuscan sun. –The birds never seem to stop singing!
After a lunch consisting of the freshest mozzarella I have ever tasted and raviolis, I rested my stomach with a lovely two-hour nap. We then made our way down to a small body of water called Roffia, this is where I’ll be training. The water was unlike anything I had ever rowed on up on the Hudson River in New York. It was SO flat, and basically all my own! No trains interrupting practice or 15-foot wide wakes from barges to try and avoid. I really don’t have much experience in a scull so they had me go out in a training single first. I’ll admit, it was pretty rocky to start but it definitely got better, well everything except the steering, that’ll just have to be my goal for tomorrow. After a few laps around the course it was time to call it quits and get ready for the greatest meal of my life!!!
I’m probably the pickiest eater ever but this pasta was to die for! –This, and the three other courses we had! The seafood pasta was mouthwateringly delicious! Shrimp, clams, fish, and I even tried the squid! Next was fish cooked in blocks of salt which I had never heard of, then salad and of course to finish if off, gelato! I don’t think that I have ever been this full in my entire life. What an awesome day, I can’t wait for tomorrow! Goodnight, Italy!"


July 2006

San Diego

I had a great time in Italy. I felt as though I made gains in my sculling with the coaching -- and I must say that rowing with Chris was the first time I had ever rowed in a double where I was matched with someone whose stroke and fitness were similar to my own. So much fun! 
Thanks to you and Enzo! It was such a pleasure to get to know you, and also to know how much the two of you give back to the sport and to the community. You are special people, and I wish you the best. 


March 2013

Seattle, WA

Did OK in my first races with my improved  Italian finish! I am sitting up much better at the release than before. Crossed the finish line in 2nd for my Lwt event, but neither # 1 nor I could overcome Jan XXXX's 24 sec age handicap. (note from Terralba...this Jan was one of our pupils, too...they nevers tood a chance!)

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