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We are part of the San Miniato Rowing Club (Canottieri San Miniato ASD) in San Miniato, Tuscany. We're located halfway between Florence and Pisa, making it a true European rowing and sculling experience. We row on the Roffia Rowing Basin, a 2 km lake filled with clean water and fishies and no other boat traffic besides our own launches and athletes.  Our club is famous in the world of Italian rowing for hospitality, great regatta food, and overall delightful spot to to row.

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The best way to reach us is by calling or messaging us at (802) 868-1711, +39-349-7818829, sending a message on Facebook Messenger, or sending an email. We are at the rowing club from 5pm to 8pm weekdays, Saturdays 3-6pm, and Sundays 9-12, unless we're away at a regattas or somewhere else on the globe having fun. Please call ahead if you want to drop by! (formerly is part of the

San Miniato Rowing Club

Via Asmara

San Miniato PI 56028 Italy

+1 (802) 868-1711

+39 349-7818829

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