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Contact Info & Where We Are

We are part of the San Miniato Rowing Club (Canottieri San Miniato ASD) in San Miniato, Tuscany. We're located halfway between Florence and Pisa, making it a true European rowing and sculling experience. We row on the Roffia Rowing Basin, a 2 km lake filled with clean water and fishies and no other boat traffic besides our own launches and athletes.  Our club is famous in the world of Italian rowing for hospitality, great regatta food, and overall delightful spot to to row.

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The best way to reach us is by calling or messaging us at (802) 868-1711, +39-349-7818829 (this numer also has WhatsApp), sending a message on Facebook Messenger, or sending an email. We are at the rowing club from 5pm to 8pm weekdays, Saturdays 3-6 pm, and Sundays 9-12, unless we're away at a regattas or somewhere else on the globe having fun. Please call ahead if you want to drop by!


I would LOVE to come but my spouse isn't a rower.

This is not a problem at all! Many happy couples and families have had a fantastic time with us. We can either organize alternative activities for the non-rowers or let them relax while you sweat. All the other activities...the food, the sights, the culture...are suited to everyone, rowers or not.

What if my only available week is not listed in your Upcoming Dates?
There are several options for you...the best one is to round up 2-3 friends and make them come with you! Groups of four or more can make their own week, as long as we are not already booked.
Another option is to come alone or with a spouse for a residency-style trip. You'll become part of our extended rowing family in a less formal guest-organizer relationship.
What if I have never rowed before? Do you offer Learn to Row?
Coach Enzo has taught generations of people to row, from ages 8-90, rec to Olympic, even Special Olympians. Our basin is the perfect place to learn to row, or to just perfect a skinny racing scull, for its lack of boat traffic and its clean water.
Even if others in your week are expert scullers, it is no problem at all to cater to different learning curves.
I am an expert masters sculler and I don't really need the coaching. Can I just use your boats and enjoy the rest of the outings? 
Sure but as a natural coach and leader Coach Enzo might not be able to refrain from making suggestions!
What kind of boats will we be using?
Our daily life includes running a rowing club, the Canottieri San Miniato, where Terralba Rowing Vacations bases it's Tuscany operations. We own a large selection of boats, from singles to eights, in every conceivable width, for every conceivable body type and (dis)ability.  Although we do not have freshly-minted Empachers awaiting your tush, our boats are definitely all you need for working on technique and speed. Coach doesn't even believe in training in new boats....says it's bad luck for race day!
Outside of Tuscany, we use whatever is appropriate and available: wide Aldens for our descent of the Richelieu River, even wider coastal rowing shells for Palermo and the Cinque Terre, chinese boats at the town club in Hangzhou, Empachers at their HQ in Qian Dao Hu.
What if it rains/snows/hails all week and we can't get out on the water as much as I'd like?
We strive to book perfect weather for your trip but the reservation system is still analog and prone to errors. In the event of really awful weather, we have always managed to force even diehard oarheads enjoy themselves by doubling up hot springs, wine tastings, scoops of gelato, and anything else appropriate and possibly decadent.
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