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Paris CONFIRMED, Spring in Tuscany added!

Hi Rowers!

Just a quick update to confirm that our Paris Week - with participation in the Traversée de Paris, has been confirmed and hotels booked. We have 2-4 spots left for those interested. The final price is TBA but will be around €3200. Dates are September 8-15, the Traversée is the last day of our trip and we will row in at least two different Parisian clubs, as well as doing all the fun stuff we usually do!

Also newly confirmed is a Row Like a Local week from March 20-27. If you are a solo traveler who would enjoy some company, this is the week for you! Find your vibe in your choice of accommodations: with or without a kitchen, stairs, a balcony, pet-friendly...San Miniato has something for everybody, except bad food. That's hard to find here.

And while we weren't even looking, Croatia sneaked up on us and became almost fully booked overnight! This will be a terrific week with awesome human beings, many of whom have already explored every destination we offer and jumped at the idea of a new spot to explore. These dates are June 17-24, 2024.

See you soon!

Eliza, Enzo and our tribe of scurvy mates


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