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From Quarantine to Overbooked!

Well, that was fast! Once the restrictions on travel were lifted, it AMAZED us to see just how many people remembered their love for travel! What seemed only weeks ago to be an indulgent hobby of a former era has returned in full force as an investment of time and money that people care about and recognize for its meaningful, horizon-expanding greatness.

Airports are packed, restaurants filled to the brim, hotels are swinging and two of our most dreamed-of, bucket-list trips are already full - The Vogalonga and Cinque Terre 2023! There are still spots for icily and China, for the adventure-seekers, or Tuscany, Foodie Tuscany, etc for those seeking a calmer week of amazing food, great rowing, and beauty.

Speaking of the Vogalonga...what a fun trip we had this year! None of us really knew if we remembered how to travel, to plan, to relax, to mingle with potentially-infected strangers in a post-restriction world. But...we did! Aside from a few moments of total bewilderment (just how DO I get on a ferry again?), our group of intrepid rowers hailing from Michigan, Connecticut, Sydney and Rome were just the best humans ever. They were everything I love about what we do: curious, smart, hard-working, generous, helpful, interesting individuals with heart appetites and plenty of good stories to entertain me while I drive. Just look at these adorable faces!


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