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March 22-29, 2020

China is one of those trips that I enjoy planning for almost as much as I love experiencing! Finding messages from my Chinese friends first thing in the morning, photos of new rowing venues, hotel sleuthing...everything in China changes SO quickly that each new journey has a very healthy dose of novelty, even after travelling to Zhejiang Province 11 times!

An example? Up until our trip in 2013, China was a very cash-based economy. The highest note in use was the 100-yuan bill which was hugely inadequate for hosting foreigners at dinner, paying for hotels, and everything outside of the basic, lower-class, Chinese local economy...where for 1 yuan you could still buy dinner. On our trip last year? No cash needed! Even ancient street vendors hawking boiled sweet potatoes were taking payment by cell phone, using the ubiquitous app WeChat. It was nothing short of mind blowing.

Our 2020 trip will be no exception. We're adding new rowing venues as masters rowing takes off in China: Suzhou and Shanghai, Zhengzhou and Shenzen - all are places where a local network of like-minded rowing souls have found each other. Even on our beloved Qian Dao Hu (Thousand Island Lake), there are new boathouses popping up! West Lake in Hangzhou, on the other hand, seems more and more off-limits to everyone except honeymooners.

The dates are firming up as March 22-29 with arrival in Hangzhou or Shanghai and departure from Shanghai. For 2020 we will also be able to quote international airfare as part of your tour price as well as local transport.

We can't wait!!!


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