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Foodie Week November 21-28, 2022

The truffle season in San Miniato looks to be shaping up VERY nicely for our Foodie Week this November. Olives are also heading to peak ripeness and this year's crop looks to be bountiful and delicious. I haven't checked on the wine news from the 2022 season yet but the last 5 years have been excellent.

Did you know that the largest white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) was found in San Miniato back in the 1950's? This is a huge deal for us sanminiatesi of course, and we like to brag about it...truffling is after all a super secretive activity with great sums of money at stake. If you've never had white truffle, it is a heady, umami flavor, similar to mushrooms but...creamier? It can be preserved well in butter but most commerical truffle products have just a tiny bit of truffle mixed in with parmesan, cashews, "truffle scent" and ever other schifezza. Here in San Miniato, during November, there is an International Truffle Fair where the freshly-sliced magnificent tuber is found on eggs, pasta, canapés...or mixed in to pecorino cheeses, sausages, chocolates and more. But for those who's heart does not beat faster for truffles, or even porcini mushrooms, this fair hosts flavors from all over Italy. There is always a cannoli stand from Sicily, a cheesemaker from Sardinia, local winemakers from San Miniato including the fantastic biodynamic vineyard Cosimo Maria Masini, and the chocolatiers from the Chocolate Valley north of here.

I've got to stop writing these posts at lunch time!

The nice thing about traveling as a rower is that you refresh your appetite anew each day, tackling each new delightful lunch with the proper appreciation. Non-rowing humans (NHR's) tend to get blasé about all this bounty after a couple of days...I overhear phrases like "I just can't even look at pasta again" or "I don't think I'll have any wine today". Rowers are made of stronger stuff, and we are welcomed by my favorite restaurants are true acolytes of the table! Even my Tuscan mother-in-law is impressed by the repeated helping that rowers ask for.

We still have a few spots left for this magnificent week. Remember to bring your bathing suits for the hot springs, several layers for rowing in variable weather, and a healthy appetite! There is plenty to accomodate specific food requests and non-drinkers as well - as long as your taste buds are working there will never be a shortage of enjoyment in Tuscany, especially in November.


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