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Hmm, I think I forgot how to travel...

Well, rowers, we're in the down stretch of 2021 and travel is still not really happening for many of us. At Rowing Vacations we've traveled in Italy, gone to some away regattas, discovered lovely new spots in this magnificent country and have even crossed the Atlantic a few times (not, truth be told, in a rowing shell).

We are an association of Rowers. And Voyagers. And Lovers of Humankind and Planet Earth and Discovery. And yet....we ourselves have forgotten what travel feels like! We've been stuck at airports, we've missed flights for late Covid tests. We've been rerouted and rebooked more than we can remember.

We understand what travel in these times looks like.

We want you to have the best experience possible, and so we want to take the stress out for you. Worried your flight might get moved or cancelled? Don't, we'll wait for you. Worried about booking anything in advance? We can hardly blame you!

All of our trips to Tuscany are 100% rebookable and refundable. Start small, just get here, into our care: rediscover all the things you love about travel: the food, the wine, meeting new rowers, learning new things. Once you're here, we can hop over to Sicily, or up to Venice! We can get on the train and go row for a couple of days in Puglia, or Rome.

Sound like fun? Now, go look for plane tickets!

Eliza, Enzo, and all the rowers at the San Miniato Rowing Club

In the photos: a few snaps from our Italian adventures

Volcanoes and Martian landscapes? In Sicily of course!

Parking our coastal quads in prime Cinque Terre waterfront spots

Rowing along the Grand Canal in Venice...

Couples' double under the Ponte Vecchio at the Canottieri Firenze ❤

Greek ruins? Roman temples? Etruscan tombs? Baroque churches? Art Deco villas? Yup, all that and more!


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