China for Rowers

Shanghai - Hangzhou - Suzhou

China.... so many countries, planets even, all in that one little word. "The Middle Kingdom" perhaps says it better.


Since 2004 Enzo & Eliza have been there 10 times, all in some way connected with rowing. And now they can boast a very special, very exclusive, Sister Club agreement with the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau. China-speak, as far as we're concerned, for the Hangzhou rowing world.... Hangzhou being the most beautiful, spectacular, leisurely, otherworldly jewel in the heart of Zhejiang Province. It includes the poetic West Lake, where the younger kids row, and the breathtaking Thousand-Islands Lake... where the Chinese National Team trains - where the water is so clean that they bottle it.


This is China from a rower's persepctive.


Leave behind your water-purification tablets, your antibiotics, your preconceptions about this incredible country. In fact, bring as empty a suitcase as you can! There'll be plenty to fill it with on the way home. Oh, and don't forget your cameras!


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