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Cinque Terre Raid

Liguria, Italy

We will begin our adventure in Moneglia, on the Northern side of the Cinque Terre National Park, savoring the profumo of the Ligurian coastline: its lemon trees, rosemary bushes, saltwater and fish. Our boats, seaworthy coxed quads, will head out into the sea for a first day, get-our-sealegs row. We'll set up the crews so that the boats move along at a similar pace.


On the second day we'll row about 15 km to Levanto, gateway to the Park, and then the next day to Monterosso al Mare, only 7 km away.

Here begins the true Cinque Terre and so we'll slow down a bit, lest we row past them too quickly! Monterosso to Manarolo is 10km, we'll rest our oars there for the night while we skip ahead to sleep in Riomaggiore. From there we can walk, hike or taste the Cinque Terre, rowing to Vernazza if the walking pathways are too full of landlubbers. Another night in Riomaggiore and then we stretch out some longer rows, heading to the point where Portovenere sleeps, Southern gateway to the Cinque Terre.

From Portovenere we'll finally row into the Velocior Rowing Club in La Spezia.


All told we'll row 75-100 kilometers, in coastal roawing coxed quads which can handle almost any sort of waves the Med choses to create. 

Be prepared for sunshine and shades of blue, fresh fish and balanced wine, colorful flowers and adorable fishing ports. Pre-formed calluses are advised, technique level: mid to advanced, training (cardio) level: athletic! Rowing gloves, if desidered, should be well tested in any kind of weather in advance.

There will be a chase boat and a chase van, hotels will be switched every two nights on average. The chase van is mostly for our luggage...your progression will be by sea.

Participation is strongly advised in groups of 4/5 as we will not be using smaller boats.

Ready to sign up? Have a few more questions? Want the really detailed details? Contact us!

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