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Tastes, Beauty, History & More!

Think you know something about this island?  Can you still smell the aromas and feel the sea breezes on your skin? Are you still working off the pastries you indulged in? No? Then I bet you don't really know Sicily!  And once you do, you'll be amazed at how wronged this place is by Hollywood with their cookie-cutter mafiosi.


To us Sicily means .... cannoli and marzipan, gelato and granita, it means pasta con le sarde, spaghetti al nero di seppia, pizza siciliana, primosale cheese and the amazing Sicilian red and white wines. It means beaches and restaurants, yacht clubs and street markets. And it means rowing. Excuse me? Yes. Rowing. Twenty-six different rowing clubs populate the waters of Sicily, between those on the Mediterranean and those on freshwater lakes.


We take you there not as tourists but as rowers.  In the morning when we get off the water there'll be hard-earned cannoli waiting, in the evenings white wines from Alcamo and Erice to accompany dinner and stories.  During the days we'll be visiting Greek, Arab, Roman, Norman, and Bourbon sites... sometimes all in the same building!  We'll take a look at the incredible museums and churches and rub shoulders with the crème of Palermo at their exclusive clubs. Bring a healthy appetite, elastic waistbands, comfortable shoes,  your favorite rowing clothes...and your camera!


Ready to sign up? Have a few more questions? Want the really detailed details? Contact us!

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