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The Cinque Terre Raid

We've been working hard on a Cinque Terre for some time has to be absolutely awesome but also be flexible regarding the weather because, is THE SEA and not our rowing basin. It has to have plenty of travel experiences, taste experiences, sights to see and of course time to relax and simply breathe in the Mediterranean air.

And now...we're ready! May 19th to 26th we will be on the Ligurian Coast. We will be rowing coastal quads, built to handle just about any kind of waves if needed but comfortable even on flat water.

Our starting point will be Moneglia where we'll start off right: with dinner and the fantastic white wines of Liguria! Our destination: The La Spezia rowing club, Velocior, where we'll be greeted and fêted by our Spezzino friends and helpers in this adventure. Along the way we'll see all of the glorious towns of the Cinque Terre and finally Portovenere, with hotels and inns strategically placed in order to row more or less each day depending on the weather conditions.

Unlike the FISA Tour which had dozens and dozens of participants, here at Rowing Vacations we like our groups small and flexible. There will a maximum of two quads on this tour.

As on all of our adventures, all lodgings, boats, equipment, coaching, and tours are included, as well as breakfasts and lunches. For dinner you'll be able to get out on your own or as a group and explore the towns of the Cinque Terre.

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