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Fall Trips!

November Foodie Week! Spots are starting to fill up as people around the world start to look past travel restrictions at Fall 2021. We'll be staying at a converted monastery-turned-chic-Tuscan hotel and exploring Tuscany, Tuscan food & wine, Tuscan hot springs, Tuscan beauty & art...all while rowing off our indulgences! On our dedicated rowing basin we'll train with our local rowing team - youth, masters, seniors - and explore Italian rowing technique. This trip runs from Monday to Monday in order to best appreciate the Truffle Festival on the last weekend, and can be booked from 15 - 22 or 22 29 November 2021.

Row Like a Local! Join us for a week or two for a relaxed, local experience. Every other day we'll explore together a unique spot in the area, while the "off" days can be spent walking, exploring on your own, or writing your next bestseller. We'll row every day, weather-permitting of course, and you'll get to meet and row with our local Italian rowers. This is a fun trip to do with your son or daughter, too, as a way to introduce them to the sport! These dates can be booked at any time during the year, activities will vary based on season and your own preferences.

December Getaway to China! - A bit tired of seeing your own four walls? Kinda done with family bonding for 2020-21? We sure are! Join us on an adventure in China! Like Tuscany, the temperate area we travel to in China is cool in December but always rowable. We'll meet up with local masters rowers as well as national and provincial rowers. We'll enjoy foot massages and amazing soups, amazing museums and walks in nature. Every day will have a new flavor, a new face, and we'll change rowing venues frequently. You'll see from the inside a country that most often shows its exterior to visitors, even after many trips to the Middle Kingdom. We fall in love with China a little bit more with every visit! This trip will run between Christmas and New Year's, with room on either side for you to add on other areas of China with our help and planning assistance.

All of our trips can be customized for your own group: season, budget or ability level: contact us to talk about the details!

Eliza, Enzo & The Team at


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