China Itinerary March 22/29

Just sent out our China itinerary and costs! We'll begin March 22nd, landing in Hangzhou. We recommend landing in Hangzhou HGH airport or if needed we can help you transfer from Shanghai Pudong. Coach Enzo will most likely already be here, coaching in Hangzhou as part of our ongoing exchange relationship.
Our rowing friends will meet us in Hangzhou and we'll have a simple get-together over dinner to get everyone introduced and compare blisters and boat bites. We'll stay in a comfortable 4-star hotel in Hangzhou near West Lake, currently closed to rowers but exquisite to stroll along in the evening. 
The next morning (March 23rd) we will be shown around Hangzhou, on the West Lake, the Zhejiang Cultural Museum, and enjoy an amazing meal in Zhejiangese style. After lunch we'll go across the river to the new rowing club that our friends have launched, and head out for a row. We'll meet the middle schoolers that are thriving in this new club and let them practise their English on us!
That evening we'll eat at a lakeside teahouse on West Lake, with live music and an easy buffet to enjoy. The next morning (March 24th) we will visit some of Hangzhou's great shopping areas and then after a light lunch, we will go for a hike in the hills surrounding Hangzhou. 
The next day (March 25th) we will take the highspeed train to QianDaoHu, to enjoy a spectacular row in one of the large rowing centers on this calm mountain lake. There are at least 4 bouyed 2000-meter courses set up to chose from! Many teams from all over China come to train here. We will stay over or return that evening, TBA.
March 26th we will head to...Suzhou! Exquisite gardens, canals, culture, saunas and massage. And now rowing, too! We have long wanted to row here and only just recently have found a way! We'll either visit one of the amazing gardens first and then row, or vice versa, depending on our contacts. We'll stay in a gorgeous hotel the evoques Chinese culture, up until recently a rarity in modern hotels. Suzhou in fact was where we first felt a sort of Chinese pride, with people seeking out the old ways, the old crafts...not for tourists but for themselves.
March 27th morning you will be free to stroll around downtown Suzhou, with its temples and shopping and highly photogenic canals. In the afternoon we will transfer to the Shanghai Rowing Center for a friendly row. A hotel in downtown Shanghai awaits afterwards.
March 28th: We'll explore Shanghai with our friends, enjoying a stroll on the famous Bund or a visit to one of the incredible museums that Shanghai has to offer. And then, a big dinner to say goodbye to our hosts as they return to their homes and boats.