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Can we get back to dreaming please?


Hello Rowers!

We cannot WAIT for the world to get back to normal, or at least enough to be able to visit our favorite rowing clubs all over the world! A year ago we were sourcing plane tickets to China, hotels in Venice, vans in Sicily, coastal rowing shells in Genoa. We were whatsapping and emailing and facebooking with rowers on four (or five?) continents. Our rowing club in San Miniato was planning the regatta schedule and worrying about squeezing in that extra Parent-Child Regatta in October. Our youth team was booking hotel rooms for 25 tiny rowers under 12 for their annual gigantic national regatta - held next to Italy's biggest amusement park! - and ordering a fresh round of XXS club unisuits. Meanwhile our family, with our then-ten-year-old triplets, was on its way to Vermont for a little grandparent snuggling and skiing. While in Vermont...well, you all know the story!... by the time we headed back to Tuscany we knew where 2020 was headed. Now, a year later, we are ready to start dreaming again! We don't know of course if we'll be rowing in Venice in May, or the Cinque Terre in September, or Sicily in April. Heck, we don't even know for sure if the boys will still be going to school then! But we need to start thinking about "the after" or we're gonna go crazy! So let's start planning - all of our trips can be booked "in pencil", with the caveat that your flights need to be able to fly and you need to be healthy and fit to come. We don't even want deposits from you until 2 weeks beforehand! Just let us know where you'd like to go, and when you'd like to go there. You can check here for updated travel regulations. Meanwhile...we have some big news! This year, Italian laws regarding travel companies changed (again...) and it became much harder for us to be able host foreign rowers at our rowing club. In order to comply with these news laws, and at the same time improve our payment processing options and increase the level of insurance (and assurance!) that we can offer our guests, we have partnered with a really cool travel company called Go! World. They will handle all of our insurance, flight reservations, and legal doodads while we get to concentrate on the fun stuff. This means we can now offer complete packages including flights, which will make booking in these crazy times a bit more reassuring. Without worrying about booking flights, and a trip with us, and then having one or the other fall through, you can simply book both with us. Let us know where you'd like to leave from and when you'd like to come! Our website does not yet have the new booking engine in place so write to us for info. Stay safe everyone and fingers crossed for a better year to come! Eliza, Enzo and the boys (pix below!)

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Dua F
Dua F
Sep 26, 2021

Great rreading your blog post

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