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Goodnight 2018! Gotta rest before 2019!

Well, 2018 was a blast! China with our whole youth team and some awesome masters, Venice with a crowd of bubbly Australians and two honorary Aussies, Tuscany back-to-back indulging in high truffle and wine and olive oil season. Add in summertime youth rowing camps and visiting the friends we meet though these trips in their home stomping grounds ....our year felt nicely full!

It's time to settle down though and get busy working on 2019. The Cinque Terre Raid is a reality for 2019: there will be two coastal quads heading up the coastline and only two of the rowing seats are free. The rowing level required for this trip is "Zero Whining" and "Highly Skilled Seafood Eater" with a speciality in "Italian Nomenclature of Sea Breezes". Kidding aside, this is not the trip for novices! About 20km a day is our goal, in order to be able to adjust for inclement weather, although these coxed quads are fine with just about anything Mr. Mediterranean can through at them. (I don't know why, but seas are masculine in Italian.) This will all happen in May, from May 16-26.

At the end of March we have a four-day trip enjoying the Tuscan Springtime and then April 1-8 a full week of wildflowers, fresh veggies, sunny breezes, and ideal rowing. Novices and experts alike enjoying learning and improving on our private rowing lake! These trips each have a couple of spots left.

Over Easter (April 18-23) we'll be hosting some of our Chinese rowing friends here in Tuscany, repaying some of the immense hospitality they showed to us.

In June starting with the Vogalonga weekend, we're packed in the first week with some wonderful rowers & spouses who are returning for the second time and bringing along new friends. In the third week of June we have a Summer Camp planned for fun and games around our lake, including introducing rowing to really young kids 8-10 years old. It's amazing how well they can row at this age, and how quickly they learn "mommy's" sport, with no fear and superb balance!

In September we're plannng an Elba Island Seaside Vacation for families with rowing for kids and adults...then October back to China...and November either to Spain or Sicily!

We love hearing your news, so please reply with your latest pics, victories, and travels!

Have a great New Year and lots of warm wishes from Eliza, Enzo, the triplets, and all the rowers of San Miniato!

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