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Awesome photo albums sent from China!

So, as we're super busy planning our China trip, our friends in China have been sending photos of their rowing life in Hangzhou and QianDao Hu. Since we last visited them they have a new 10-story training center and dormitory for their regional team on QianDao Hu (Thousand Island Lake). We can't wait to stay there with them! I remember the breakfasts as being, well, "memorable", with hairy crabs and lots of stir-fried veggies playing prominently on my metal tray. The cooks did try to replicate a sort of pancake for us, a type of honey cake that was quite delicious. But I had no trouble eating everything else, too!

Meanwhile, the trip is shaping up to be a downright delegation of Italians, Chinese-Italians, and Americans, with some Italo-Americo-Canadian triplets thrown in for good measure. There will be 25 of us in all, touring and rowing and eating and rowing and eating our way around Zhejiang Province, with ages 8-68 in attendance. Three translators, 20 rowers, one official, a few parents for extra eyes...all we're missing is a dog! Maybe we should bring our Shih-Tzu...traveling with a dog in China is an amazing way to get people to open up and interact with total strangers :).

More coming!

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