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September Re-Boot?

Hello Rowers

What a year 2020 is turning out to be! We are fortunate that in Italy we have been able to get back out rowing, first in singles with all indoor structures still closed, and now larger boats. Our gym and changing rooms are still off-limits but we probably could open them up if we needed's that after so many months of Zoom workouts none of us have any desire to be indoors!

We've been able to have a few guests come row with us, coming from within Italy or from Europe. We're not sure when Americans will be able to return but Canada is on the list of countries from which Italy can accept visitors.

We'd like to see as many tired-of-lockdown rowers as we can, the last week of September. A week of fun, outdoorsy, on-the-watery, wine-'n-dine-afterwards FUN. We all need it!

Meanwhile we've been hosting Day Camps at our rowing club and introducing the Italian kids to camp fun, American style! Tie dye tees, making bows and arrows...all the stuff I did as a girl growing up in Vermont! One 7-year-old asked me how long I had been making bows for and I had to think hard before I replied....since as soon as I could hold a knife!

We've also been scouting new locations in Italy...a gorgeous rural sports complex with Olympic pool just meters from the beach for a coastal training week? A mountain campground with private lake? More to come in 2021!

Stay safe everyone, and get out rowing as much as you can. It's the fountain of youth!

Eliza & Enzo


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