November Foodie Week Itinerary

For anybody who loves food, Fall in Tuscany has to be on your bucket list. The air is infused with the heady smell of fermented grape stems being spread around grapevines, freshly separated from their precious grapey cargo. Drive past a community's olive oil press and you'll want to stop the car, open all the windows and inhale the airborne extra virgin molecules. Fairs spring up everywhere: The Fair of the Potato Tortelloni with Bolognese sauce, the Snail Festival, The Annual Chestnut Market and Roasted Chestnut Fair, the Festival of the Vin Novello, the young red wine that is the moment this year's crop makes its tentative debut. Chocolate fairs and tastings also seem to pop up in this time of year...maybe because before now it would melt? Maybe because it pairs so well with the season's foods: wine, grappa, and wild boar?

And then, especially for those of us fortunate to live in San Miniato...there is the King of the Fall, the appropriately named Tuber Magnatum Pico: the White Truffle. For some, it is just an interesting flavor to add to a dish, for scenic effect or a nice earthy flavor. For others, the white truffle puts them into culinary ecstasy! San Miniato hosts the Annual International Truffle Festival during the last three weekends of November and there are so many white truffles on display, even under glass, that the entire town smells truffly. If you have ever felt that your foodie inclination has been under-challenged, these are the weekends for you!

Because really...if you are drawing in gourmands delighted to pay exorbitant amounts of money for white truffles...then of course all the other goodies are happy to be on display within a nose sniff away! So here the best San Miniato wines are available for a tent is set up with local chocolatiers, up under the portico of the seminary you'll find every local baker's best concoctions. It is not a weekend for dieting.

So here will be OUR schedule for this month's rowing week. We have only a few spots left for this week so please let us know if you are interested.


Hotel San Miniato

Saturday, November 16th

After meeting everyone at the airport, we'll get settled into the Hotel San Miniato, a recently restored convent within a short walk from the Truffle Fair. We'll walk around together and begin our exploration of all the goodies to be appreciated. Afterward we'll head down to our rowing basin and get set up in boats, trying them out and adjusting heights as needed. Afterwards back to San Miniato for dinner in one of the many eateries this Slow Food town has to offer, or simply wander around the stall and taste as many delicacies as you wish!