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We got back Wednesday for our "Row the Dragon" adventure and still feels like we did actually try to row a dragon! Every day was so chock full of activites that in order to download my brain I started writing....but had to take a break after I passed Day 3 and 3000 words! I might have to post it as a serial novel...well it worked for Mark Twain didn't it?

For now I'd like to show off this blog post about the first 2 days, posted by our contact person at the Zhejiang Regional Watersports Center, who accompanied every moment of ours with a big ol' Nikon that she put to very good use.

As some of you may know, the trip began as a small group of masters rowers visiting our Sister-Club in Hangzhou. A couple from Seattle, Kat and Carl, signed on and talks began with our Chinese friends. As the trip took shape though, the entire Italian club began to talk about coming: it had been 10 years since we hosted the Chinese athletes here in San Miniato and although we had never had much luck convincing the Italian parents to send their teens with us halfway across the planet, the tide seemed to be changing. Once a few signed on...everyone did! And our group became a delegation.

Here's the link, entirely in Chinese:

Friendship with the boat | 10th Anniversary of China-Italy Friendly Boat

2018-03-31 - credit Lan Mei Sailing

On March 29th, the boating club of Italy's San Miniato team came to learn from Zhejiang Water Sports Management Center. This marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the San Miniato Sailing Club and the Aquatic Center.

Apart from the Enzo couple and the rowers of the management of the San Miniato club, there is also the local sports director David.

The players visited this time, the youngest 8 years old, and they are on the same boat.

Three of them are triplets: Marcello, Amedeo, Antonio

Most of the others were born after 2000 and have been trained for more than 4 years.

Also visiting is Matteo , Matteo, who has worked with teammates and won the silver medal for the 4 rower sculls in the rowing world championships. And, Matteo also represented Italy in the three Olympic Games.

There is also a Chinese-American teenager - Francesco Wang, whose Chinese name is Wang Hao. Wang Hao was born in Italy, his parents are Chinese, his father's ancestral home is Fuzhou, and his mother's ancestral home is Wenzhou. Chinese, Italian Bilingual Talk!

During the period, the Italian players and our Chinese players played friendly matches on the lake .

Rowing is a bridge and Chinese and Italian culture learn from each other!

Friendship competition, happy rowing! I am convinced that this time the Italian side's visit, the players through this relaxed + mode and their close contact, all aspects will bring a lot of stimulation.

Whether it is the obstacles encountered in language communication or the new ideas brought about by the training of the Italian side, or the way in which they cooperate, they are only able to learn about fun and shortcomings.

Friend, see you next time!

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