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August News

Here in San Miniato it's 103°F in the shade, so to keep cool we're trying to think about Fall, and cool weather, and then tomorrow will escape to the Dolomites, where the rowing is scarce but the hiking is divine.

The biggest news is that we've moved our "Row the Dragon" China Week to the first week of March. There's such an interest in this exploration of two world one would not normally put together that we may end up spending two weeks in China, with two different groups. Please let us know soon if you are interested as we will be booking plane tickets shortly. We'll be rowing and enjoying our way around Zhejiang and Jiansu Provinces from, guests of our sister club the Zhejiang Provincial Watersports Team. And yes, that means your kayaking friends can come too!

We'll still be active in the Fall though, with a Food Lovers' Tuscany coming up in November, the best season to explore the local delicacy, white truffles... Mr. Tuber Magnatum Pico himself. Not to mention vino novo, the new olive oil of the year with its bite of olivey intenseness, and great rows on our private rowing basin.

Looking forward to meeting new people this year, and having back many old friends!

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