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Row Faster. Travel Better!

The Original Rowing Vacation.

Our Original Formula of Rowing & Travel

in Tuscany, Venice, Sicily, China, Cinque Terre...

...and anywhere else where great rowing meets great places!

The original, the best: this is where the concept of "rowing vacations" was born! As rowers we always sought to wet our oars wherever we traveled, and as Tuscans this request from others often came to our doorstep. Rowers are well-traveled, curious, and easy-going, and it is our great joy to be able to share our rowing haunts with others.


When you become a member of our rowing club, you'll become a part of our rowing life: a fusion of the patience and harmony of the Tuscan culture and that of rowing.


Every day we'll be on the water, working on perfecting the essentials of our rowing technique, and then after an amazing lunch we'll take off exploring the countryside and towns.  We are not guides herding people around, we are rowing friends having fun with you! The activities and experiences are what we personally enjoy doing and seeing. Showing new members what we love is a wonderful excuse to see them ourselves!


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Special Olympics & Adaptive Rowing Families

Special Olympics & Adaptive Rowing Families

May 2023

Here at our home club in San Miniato, we have a team of Special Olympics rowers who have a ton of fun going to events all around Italy. We organize events as well and we know firsthand how it takes a village to make the magic happen. If you are part of this village: come join ours for a week!



Row Like a Local - Tuscany

Row Like a Local - Tuscany


Lover of solitary travel? Come visit us alone or with a close companion and become a local Italian rower for a week. Settle into a Tuscan life in our "foodie" town of San Miniato, train each evening with our youth and masters rowers. Includes two day-trip adventures.

Kids under 12: 2-for-1!



Vogalonga  2024

Vogalonga 2024

May 12-19 2024

Join us in Tuscany as we prepare our crews for the Vogalonga, then move into residence on Lido Island to get ready for the big day!

Non-rowers: 15% off



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