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Touring in "Trainera"


From the Northern Coast of Spain, near Bilbao, a delightful bay reaches into the peninsula, ringed by towns, national parks, and beautiful, varied scenery. 


Our trip will begin and end in Santander, rowing from there to spots along the coast.  Each day we'll explore different towns or parks, by bicycle or e-bike, foot, or rowing shell. 

This is a gorgeous way to intimately explore this uncrowded corner of Spain, and is a great trip for families, too, as we will all be on the same boat....metaphorically and physically! Ideally kids would be 8 and older and active, ready-for-adventure explorers.

Local rowing boats called trainera have been remodernized and seat 12 rowers side by side, sweep rowing with fixed seats. Advanced rowers are invited to enjoy this trip not for technical reasons but for experiencing rowing in all its millenia of history...the sliding seat has only been around for a mere 150 years!

Have a look at the gorgeous photos in our photo album and join us in the Spring of 2019 for our inaugural voyage!

Ready to sign up? Have a few more questions? Want the really detailed details? Contact us!

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