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The Richelieu Tour

Quebec, Canada

The Richelieu River in Quebec, which starts where Lake Champlain ends, is an amazing stretch of the world.

Chock full of both American and Canadian history, it's also a small slice of France with gourmet foods, old-world hospitality, and the most immaculate farms you'll ever see in your life. What makes this trip so great for rowers is the wealth of stopping places, food places, historic places.... everything places, right along the river and frequently enough for travelers in small boats like us. And the river is narrow enough that waves are essentially a non-issue. We'll change hotels on average every 2 days. Each row will proceed down the river, taking advantage of the current.

Total km covered: about 90 - Per day average: about 15. Minimum number of participants 4 – maximum 8.
Skill level required: able to row for a few hours in a row, for a few days in a row, without too much discomfort.  Calluses should be well formed before coming. SPOUSES and FRIENDS are welcome to join you, either as cyclists, kayakers, or mere van passengers.

Ready to sign up? Have a few more questions? Want the really detailed details? Contact us!

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