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The Italian Gran Tour

Italy's Most Iconic Cities: for Rowers!

Tour Italy in the classic cities of Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan, as a rower, with rowers! Row on the Tiber, the Arno, the Lagoon of Venice - a view only rowers can see of these famous cities. By request we can also add spots such as Cinque Terre or Naples.

We will pick you up in Rome and organize some appreciation of the finest sights, and whet our oars on the Tiber River. From there we'll head north to Florence and get emotion rowing on the Arno River right under the Ponte Vecchio.  After Florence we'll get in a real training row at the San Miniato Rowing Center and then visit Pisa. Towards the end of the week we will be in Venice...ON the water and enjoying the beauty of this city, and then lastly Milan!

If you've never been to Italy: this is surely the most amazing way to see all the most famous spots! And as a rower, not a tourist!

Along with Eliza, we will have an additional guide with us: national team rower Francesco Wang, trilingual Italian-Chinese-English, and all-around awesome young man!

Ready to sign up? Have a few more questions? Want the really detailed details? Contact us!

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