Family Rowing Week

Tuscany, Sicily, Quebec, China....

We admit it...this is our favorite kind of week!


As parents ourselves and after decades of coaching kids aged 8-14, there is nothing we love more than seeing the love of rowing dawning in a kid's eyes. Sculling Italy we believe in only letting young people scull until their develpment is ready for the asymetrical forces of sweep rowing. 


Come with your family, whether your goal is to finally get your spouse hooked, or get your preteen interested in a sport with many scholaship opportunities...or simply to combine your love of travel with your loves of rowing and spending time with your kids.


We will tailor your week to your family, chosing activites based on everyone's interests and skill level. We have experince organzing family trips in Sicily, Tuscany, Vermont, Canada, and destination is too remote for our enthusiasm!

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Current trip location: Elba Island, Tuscany. Ideal for kids aged 0-99, plenty of freedom to explore safely and soak up lots of Vitamin D. Rowing in coastal boats and singles, with two sides on an isthmus to pick from and opportunities to teach the kids to row as well. For prices see DATES page or email  us for a tailor-made trip.


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Teach your kids to love rowing!

We have decades of experience in teaching kids from ages 8 and up.