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Upcoming Trips

...but remember even small groups can request their own week! 

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Row Like a Local - Tuscany (ITALY)

Lover of solitary travel? Backpacker with little need for fuss or structure?  Come visit us alone or with a close companion and become a local Italian rower for a week. Stay with us in our Tuscan home, enjoy homemade cooking, train each evening with our youth and masters rowers.  We'll still show you a few of our favorite sights, but there will be time, too, for exploring on your own, GPS in hand!  Check out our BLOG for updated times when you can come.

Lodging, activities and individual rowing lessons by quote. 

February 9-16, 2020

Training Camp - Tuscany (ITALY)

Tuscany at its most intense rowing level! Cheap 'n Cheerful Training Week for teams looking to maximize their water time. Great food, twice-daily rows, video taping and training plans.  Prices range from 320 EUR per week for groups of 10-24 rowers cycling to and fro the rowing club and minimal day trips, to 950 per week for small groups of 4-9 rowers with more organization help from us. Contact us to talk about YOUR week!

Row the Dragon! China for Rowers - Hangzhou, Suzhou & QianDaoHu (4 SPOTS LEFT)

Experience this mystical, mysterious country from the inside...of a rowing shell! Meet local rowers, train on the national team's lake, taste Chinese food as it's meant to be prepared, and fall in love with this country just as we have done! Places visited will include Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Qian Dao Hu..  We have organized water sports events in China, have worked closely with boat manufacturers, rowing clothes makers, have rowed in all of these spots and have fantastic friendships with local rowers and coaches. And...our sister club is the Zhejiang Provincial Rowing Team!

USD 3400 per couple, 1900 per single rower in single occupancy, in comfortable 4-star hotels.  

April 12-19, 2020 - NEW DATES (6 spots left)

A perfect getaway for those of you subjected to long winters and frozen water! Come join us with your best rowing buddies for a week of awesome rowing, sunshine, fantastic food, and beautiful sights.


Tuscany in the Spring means natural hot springs, walks in the woods, picnics in the midst of wildflowers, chocolate & wine & all the yummy foods, and excellent temperatures for rowing. It's still the slow season for the throngs of "non-rowing" tourists, leaving us to explore in peace.

We will get OUT into the sun this week, rowing all over Tuscany: a coastal row on the Med, a city row in Florence and maybe Pisa as well, coaching sesisons on our rowing basin...anywhere we can enjoy Spring to its fullest!


€2400 including lodging, breakfasts & lunch, touring and transportation, rowing, coaching & boat use, and lots more!

June 13-20 OR October 3-10

Taking advantage of our sister-club relationships in Sicily, we'll train every day on the Mediterranean Sea, both in flatwater and coastal rowing boats. The rest of the day is open to explore this jewel of an island, where 2000 years of history has collided into a multicolored culinary, cultural, and architectural richness. 

€2700 including lodgings, breakfast, lunches, touring & transportation, rowing, etc. 

May 3-10 2020

A week of awesome rowing, sunshine, fantastic food, and beautiful sights. Tuscany in May means picnics and hikes, fields full of wildflowers, and great rowing weather. We'll explore everything this season has to offer!


€2400 per person double occupancy including lodging, breakfast, lunch, transportation during the week, rowing activities, etc.

May 24-31, 2020 (FULL)

Join us for our 25th Vogalonga experience! We'll prepare the boats in Tuscany in the week leading up to the race and then head to Venice for the weekend of joyful craziness. Our vessel of choice is a coxed open water quad, though for special requests we can also organize a sweep boat. A Bucket List experience for any rower!

June 21-28, Tuscany & Elba Island

Row, and Bring your Family! - Various (ITALY)

Come improve your rowing while ensuring your kids get an awesome vacation as well! Everyone wins on this trip, with plenty of activities for fun and enrichment, like hot springs and a hunt for minerals, paddling around on the blue Mediterranean waters, rowing every day while the kids enjoy the sea in a safe, secluded campground.  We'll bring the boats, you bring your bathing suits AND unisuits!

Also available as special trips in Sicily, China, Spain and France.

Contact us to talk about the size of your family and how much fun you want to have!

Summer 2020

Youth Sculling Camp - Tuscany (ITALY)

Got a young rower who's been bitten by the rowing bug? Are you a rower and wish your kids will fall in love with our amazing sport? Send them to us! We offer various scenarios, either in a homestay situation with local rowers or staying with their own family in a nearby inn. Our local youth team has rowers aged 9-18 and is a fun group of about 25 kids who help and encourage each other across the age and gender divide. Italy only allows sculling for our smallest rowers aged 9-13, to make sure their bodies develop in a balanced way, and a way to teach excellent boat skills, impossible to learn in a large boat. We have singles that fit even little 5 foot kids! Email us for planning your kid's experience.

TBA based on housing choices

August 2020

Come explore this new destination with us! In the beautiful Santander Bay we'll row, cycle, and enjoy the Spanish climate, food, and colors. Families welcome, activities will be offered for kids age 8 and older, non-rowing spouses, too!

October 24-31 2020

Come as a team-building spring training camp, bring your family for their spring break trip, or come with your best rowing buddies for a week of awesome rowing, sunshine, fantastic food, and beautiful sights.  Tuscany in the Fall has a calmness only found when desirable locations are in their off-season. We'll explore everything this season has to offer, from wine festivals to chocolate tasting, walks in nature and beautiful Tuscan towns.



€2400 including lodging, breakfasts & lunch, touring and transportation, rowing, coaching & boat use, and lots more!

November 10-17 2020

Tuscany in the Fall means new olive oil, truffles, vino novello, hot chocolate, and the calmness only found when desirable locations are in their off-season. We'll explore everything this season has to offer, from polenta fairs to wine tasting, steaming rowing workouts and small museums. This week is dedicated to the extra indulgences that November has to offer a food lover - the higher cost reflects the top-shelf tastings and restaurants.

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