Yoga and Rowing

A perfect getaway for those of you subjected to long winters and frozen water! Come joins us with your best rowing buddies for a week of awesome rowing, sunshine, fantastic food, and beautiful sights. Tuscany in the Spring means natural hot springs, walks in the woods, picnics in the midst of wildflowers, chocolate and wine; all the yummy foods, and excellent temperatures for rowing. It's still the slow season for the throngs of "non-rowing" tourists, leaving us to explore in peace. This week we will have a special guest yoga teacher to limber up our winter doldrums and challenge all of us from beginners to experts, with daily yoga sessions, outdoors when the weather permits.

TUSCANY: The original, the best: this is where the concept of "rowing vacations" was born!

As rowers we always sought to wet our oars wherever we traveled, and as Tuscans this request from others often came to our doorstep. Rowers are well-traveled, curious, and easy-going, and it is our great joy to be able to share our rowing haunts with others.

We train each day on our secluded rowing basin, go for a row under the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, and absorb the true sense of Tuscan culture. We help our guests infuse their lives and their rowing with the patience and harmony of the Tuscan culture: not just admire its churches and its artwork, but understand how a people can achieve such wealth.

Every day we'll be on the water, working on perfecting the essentials of our rowing technique. Depending on your choice of Tuscan experience, this will be shared with daily immersions into the surrounding towns, mountains, and lookout spots, and accompanied by terrific food.

The activities and experiences chosen are based upon what we personally enjoy doing and seeing and are different for every group. Showing our guests what we love is a wonderful excuse to see them ourselves!


Apr 16-22 2023




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