Row, and Bring your Family!

Come improve your rowing while ensuring your kids get an awesome vacation as well! Everyone wins on this trip, with plenty of activities for fun and enrichment, like hot springs and a hunt for minerals, paddling around on the blue Mediterranean waters, rowing every day while the kids enjoy the sea in a safe, secluded campground. We'll bring the boats, you bring your bathing suits AND unisuits! Also available as special trips in Sicily, China, Spain and France.

We train each day on our secluded rowing basin, go for a row under the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, and absorb the true sense of Tuscan culture. We help our guests infuse their lives and their rowing with the patience and harmony of the Tuscan culture: not just admire its churches and its artwork, but understand how a people can achieve such wealth.


June 2023


€700 - €1200


US: +1 (802) 868-1711 - ITALY +39 349-7818829 - email