Uplevel Your Rowing: Full Schedule!

These all look so interesting to us! Especially Pilates for Rowers, Comfort in the Boat, and the Origins of Concept2. What are you looking forward to watching?


Mon April 19 Day 1

Jim Henderson, Introduction to Coastal Rowing

Tues April 20 Day 2

Veronique Rostas, Mental Coach

Will Ruth, Strength Coach

Wed April 21 Day 3

Ali Abrams, JL Racing

Eliza Camp, Rowing Vacations

Thur April 22 Day 4

Mary Whipple, Olympic Coxswain, Leadership & Communication

Amy Shapiro, Nutrition for Fuel & Recovery

Fri. April 23 Day 5

Charlotte Hollings, Calm Waters Rowing, Sculling Technique

Sat April 24 Day 6

Rebecca Caroe, Faster Masters & Learn-to-Row for Over 40s

Dr. Stella Volpe, Nutrition for Masters Rowers

Sun April 25 Day 7

Sarah Fuhrmann, Ucanrow2

Nancy Clark, Nutrition: The Missing Link


Mon April 26 Day 8

Troy Howell, Comfort in the Boat

Tues April 27 Day 9

Ruth Marr, Rowing the World

Wed April 28 Day 10

Jan Holloway, RowEngland

Peter Wells, RowTours

Thur April 29 Day 11

Elissa DiCarlo, Pilates for Rowers

Dr. Anita Knopp, Chiropractic Care for Rowers

Fri April 30 Day 12

Tara Morg